Powdered Eye Liners

Eye liner; friend and foe. Perfectly lined eyes are so beautiful and the cornerstone of most looks, but getting it on evenly is the bane of most women’s morning routines. This new generation of powdered liner is easier to apply than a gel or a pencil because they don’t slip around. You won’t get a completely precision look like a liquid liner gives, it’s much more of a laid back, casual look that’s quick and simple to maneuver. Here are a few powdered liners to check out.

Jane Iredale can pretty much do no wrong as a line as far as I’m concerned. It’s a personal fav and a go-to for a lot of my daily routine. Their new Mystikol dual ended powder liners give bold, rich color on an easy-to-draw sponge tipped applicator on one side, and a highlighter shade on the other to fire up your inner corner or brow bone.

Novice liner gals will love their ease, but I think their strong suit is their total blendability from a liner into a smudgy shadow.

Color Options:

Malachite: A sparkling moss with buttery beige

Amethyst: Royal purple with luxurious pearl

Dark Topaz: Rich brown with velvet rose

Lapis Lazuli: Vibrant blue with shimmering ivory

Onyx: Otherworldly black with creamy pearl

In Bloom Soft Focus Powder Eye Liners from Smashbox use precision wand applicators to apply soft shades effortlessly without any dragging along the lid. They’re available in day-friendly shades for a lighter look that isn’t harsh, if you’re not a fan of the black eye liner look then these are for you.

Color Options:

Dark Brown


Guerlain’s Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner has a fine tip wand for a thiner line and some pretty fiery shades with just a dash of glimmer for the ultimate in sexy eyes.

Color Options:


Brun (with golden flex)

Blue (teal)

Mirage (dark neutral brown) limited edition


  1. Eyeliner is my must-have makeup product, but I've never used a powder line. I use liquid on the top lid and pencil on the bottom. Hm…maybe I need to make a switch.

  2. airbrush makeup says:

    I love wearing eyeliners! Especially the full length mascara!

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