Beauty at Costco? You Betcha.

If you haven’t strolled down Costco’s cosmetic and skin care isle lately, you’re missing out. What once was a few lowly offerings has grown to an entire selection of all-star  beauty basics.

Stila at Costco? Hell yeah! I had to resist the urge not to get these ** $18 4 piece kits with shadow duos in my all time favorite Stila shades. Both have Kajal Liners in Onyx and  Major Lash mascara, but the kit on the left has Starlight and Storm shadows while the other has Sun and Twig.

These warm glow sets are another 4 piece Stila steal. $14 gets you a Major Lash Mascara, Lip Glaze, Kabuki Brush, Liquid Eye Liner (love), and Bronzer. There’s a set 1 and 2 for a variance in intensity.

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without a Blockbuster set. Stila’s has 30 shadows, 15 lip colors, 3 cheek colors, a bronzer, eye liner, lip liner, 2 applicators, a lip brush, and blush brush. For $20 it’s the ultimate in makeup happiness explosion from a big quality brand.

There were a ton of favorites there, like Olay Microsculpting Cream, 2 for $38.

And Roc Gold Correction, this is the night cream but the day version was there too for the same price. $29 for 2.

Have you heard of SebaMed? Neither had I, but after reading what it’s all about online I’ll probably go back for this life-sized soap-free face and body wash that’s perfectly ph balanced to calm the skin. $20 for a quart. That should last a while.

Who doesn’t love Cetaphil? Their 20oz 2 pack of Gentle Skin Cleansers are just $17 a set.

Aveeno’s popular Daily Moisturizing Lotion was $14 for 2 18oz bottles. Unrelated – my fingers are really double jointed so that’s my crazy thumb making its best backwards  ‘L’ shape.

A giant 33oz Eucerin and a less bendy look at my thumb.

You might not expect for Costco to be a hotbed for cosmetic activity, but look again, you might find some unexpected gems.

Most of the goodies are in store, but here is what they have listed online for cosmetics, and for Skincare.

** Prices vary from store to store


  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I couldn't believe the prices at Costco for Stila- pretty amazing. It's a fantastic line that I love across the board. Have fun with your great finds!

  2. Carissa, I'm a suburban mom so it's all about Costco! I have the 35-color Stila palette and LOVE it. I've never worn Stila shadows before and they're beautiful, rich and blend well (good mix of wearable shades too) … the blushes are also nicely pigmented. I do admit, the brushes and mini-pencils in the palette are crap (as you would expect from most travel/kit brushes) and the case is a bit clunky, but I plan on popping out the pans and putting them in my Z Palette to make them more portable.

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