d.j.v. beautenizer’s Fiberwig LX Mascara

Have you heard of d.j.v. beautenizer’s Fiberwig LX mascara? Apparently it’s the hot mascara pick at Sephora. What sets it apart is its glossy rich formula that coats the lashes like a film and creates a shiny black vinyl effect. I haven’t tried it but I might just trot over to Sephora this weekend to see if they have it there, you know how I feel about a good mascara.

d.j.v. beautenizer Fiberwig LX mascara


  1. PS I even use it on my bottom lashes- notorious smudgers- with out a trace of mascara under my eyes ever!

  2. I have used Fiberwig for a couple of years now…it's the only mascara I use. It stays on all day and does not budge(which is saying a lot because I have curly lashes and slightly oily lids, so most mascaras come off by mid-day), yet removes easily with warm water. I don't know about it being all that glossy or vinyl like in appearance, but it is my favorite mascara!

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