Cle De Peau Has the Best Concealer

I’m not a label snob whatsoever. I’m as happy at Target as I am at Nordstrom. Ok, maybe Nordstrom is a bad example because it’s my Disney Land, but you get what I’m saying. My makeup reads the same way as my closet, some discount store, some department store, but all chosen for their performance-to-value ratio. There are some times though when a girl needs to splurge.

Cle de Peau is renowned for their concealer, a stick of pigment that disguises as well as it blends – the perfect balance when it comes to this sort of thing. Mine has lasted for so long (2 years +) the packaging has since changed, it still works great and smells fine so I’m riding it out a little longer. I’m using Beige, but wanted something a little lighter for blemishes and around my eyes so I just bought Ivory (below) their lightest offering of the 4 shades.

I’ve been using Beige as my spot concealer daily but now I’m using Ivory to conceal redness and take the tired look out from around my eyes. In place of my foundation, I use Beige with my fav brush for applying concealer, set it with some PureMatte and that’s it. It’s the ideal consistency and shade to use anywhere on the face, so why use a foundation over top of this perfect second skin? Think of it as a slimmer looking stick foundation.

Don’t feel like you have to buy two, I just didn’t get the right one for me on the first try. A good concealer is worth the investment and this one is a best seller for a reason. $70 is steep I realize, but if you’re using it as your eye concealer, foundation, and face concealer – the price isn’t as high as it seems.

I got mine at Barneys, but it’s also available at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bergdrof, and Nordstrom.

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