Review: Personal MicroDerm

I was sent a Personal Microderm kit just a few days before Christmas and was so excited that I used it seconds after I tore it open. I love the results Microdermabrasion can bring and since I’ve been breaking out more than usual lately, a little skin refinement was just what I needed. Instead of reading the instructions which would have encouraged me to use the least abrasive disk for my first use and only make one pass along the skin, I grabbed the coarsest disk (the red ones, luckily not included in the typical starter kit) and went back and forth over and over until my skin was rubbed away. This wasn’t one of my best ideas I’ve had (though probably not among my worst.) I’m surprised my family could eat Christmas dinner sitting across from my wounded, scratched up, ointment-coated face. Oddly, my first reaction was ‘I love this thing.’

So why do I love it? Because it works that well. Incredibly well. Professionally well.

Had I actually read the instructions (or watched the video) I would’ve learned that this thing delivers an unexpectedly professional result that’s to be taken seriously. It does include disks for your first few stages of use to help your skin tolerate the treatments without any irritation so you can build up to more aggressive treatments that break down and sweep away that sluggish top layer of dead skin. After just a few treatments your moisturizer and serums will start penetrate more deeply (so they’ll work better), and your fine lines, brown spots, and acne scaring will fade. You’ll also have a softness and glow to your skin that’s visible.

The kit runs $170 and will pay for itself in just a few uses, typical microderm sessions usually run about $100-$150 a pop. I’m sensing this isn’t one of those things that I’ll be into for a little while then let it collect dust, it’s a treatment I know I’ll use over and over – especially now that I actually understand how to use it while keeping the skin on my face in tact.

Personal MicroDerm

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