Relief for Dry, Calloused Feet; Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream

First, let me apologize for making you look at man feet. Marathon running man feet at that. It’s my game-for-anything hubby’s feet that I recently rubbed some of Glytone’s Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream on to see if it could make a dent in the callouses that he builds up by pounding miles of pavement.

I rubbed this rich, almost 30% Glycolic Acid based cream onto his right foot and left it on for 15 minutes before washing it off. It’s not a stay-on cream, it’s a treatment.

Sorry about the close up, but it does show how well it softened his dry, rough skin. It looks so much better (?), less dry and cracked. Click to enlarge if you dare…

Your feet can not be this bad, but if they are this cream will help soften up rough callouses in minutes without scraping and scrubbing. It’s pretty amazing stuff that I’ll use every so often for my at-home pedicures.

Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream


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