Our Stay-cation Week 1 Wrap Up

We’ve been in Orange County for a week now and we’ve done the basics; Farmer’s Markets, hiking, biking, and just staring at the ocean. Here are a few highlights from this past week.

We watched the surfers from the Huntington Beach pier
A shot of the busy pier

We rode bikes around Long Beach

We stop everything when the sun is setting over the ocean to photograph it. It’s a little different every night but it’s always magnificent

We actually left the camera in the car when a quick hop out to look around turned into an hour-long hike in the hills of Ranch Palos Verdes. After that we trespassed HERE at the Terranea resort where we wandered around and whale watched for a while before heading home.

Tomorrow we’ll host our first round of friends to visit us so more photos of that adventure to come.

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