Benefit Stay Don’t Stray; I Like It But…

Although their hip looking display usually entices me into checking Benefit out most every time I pass by, there’s usually very little that inspires a purchase. The problem as I see it is their lack of shade diversity in their foundations and concealers – their Hello Flawless tinted moisturizer has only 1 shade and it’s a lighter than medium hue. Not giving all women the oppertunity to shop with you is a sign that they aren’t super savvy since a Makeup Artist like myself can’t fill a kit there because we work with so many different shades of skin.

Now that I’m finished with my rant… I think I finally found something I really like.

It’s a tinted primer that keeps shadows and concealer around the eyes in place. A great two-in-one and the first I’ve used that primes eye concealer which can easily  slide and crease. It’s the right consistency (thick to grab a hold what you build on top)  and totally erases redness on the lids and even darkness around the eyes giving your concealer a big head start.

It kept my shadows looking fresh and untouched for hours and my concealer stayed in place and didn’t crease even in humidity. I like the sample I was using and will probably buy it when it’s gone. Of course the caveat with the primer is that it works best for light and medium skin tones, which is why I hesitate to give it a full on thumbs up.

Check out THIS NARS primer for medium to deeper skin tones. It doesn’t prime concealer, only shadows but it works for all skin tones as most lines should.

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray $24

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