Best Natural Bronzer/ Skin Enhancer: Melvita Carrot Oil

Wouldn’t you just know it, I happened upon one of only 3 Melvita stores in the entire country. It’s located dangerously close at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island and it drew me in last week with its clean, organic chic aesthetic. I picked up a few things including 2 of their signature oils, this Carrot Oil being one of them. More to come on the line a little later.

For now I think I found the holy grail as far as toning up your skin in a natural way (natural in ingredients and appearance alike). Its naturally orangey color looks like it would stain the skin with some crazy bright hue, but that’s not the case at all. Smoothing this quick absorbing oil onto the skin gives it a naturally bronzy radiant look with light hydration that doesn’t feel greasy or heavy.

Check it-

Don’t worry, it doesn’t look this orange once it’s on.
I used a small amount for just a touch of color. Looks scary at first right?
A weird angle of my arms, but a clear look at how the color looks on the left arm. 

I’ve also experimented using it on my cheek bones over makeup and it gives a little extra glow and radiance without any shimmer. For light bronzing, it’s perfect so it’s odd that is isn’t something you typically hear about. Give it a whirl, I bet you’ll love it too.

Melvita Carrot Oil $19

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