Moving Day!

We’re a month into our time here in SoCal and something bad/good happened. We found a leak in the house we’re in now (bad) so we have to move into another house that the home owners have, like today (also bad) because the current house is swarming with contractors cutting through walls and painting (loud and bad). And now for the good part: This other house is also on the beach but it’s like a million times nicer and has a pool. We’re in the process of moving but I managed to take this short vid of the house, check it out!

2 thoughts on this pool. The first being I can’t wait to take some vids of the dogs swimming because there’s nothing cuter than dogs swimming. Secondly is that I can’t swim so I might go into the pool and just stand there to get some use out of it. Maybe I’ll take this time to teach myself to swim? Who knows. It looks pretty sweet so I’ll have to figure something out.

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