Week 4 Wrap Up of Our Stay-Cation: Santa Barbara

Last year we headed to L.A. to hike Runyon, play at The Abbey, and cocktail at the famed Tropicana bar at the The Roosevelt for Valentine’s Day weekend. This V-Day weekend we wanted to see Santa Barbara, a place everyone said we’d love and boy were they right.

If you haven’t been, Santa Barbara is like one big commercial for life itself. We walked around wondering why everyone in the whole world didn’t live there. State street is the main drag that spans up from the wharf into town a few miles and is lined with various boutiques, restaurants, and everything in between (like a Scientology center – welcome to California!) Though we didn’t hit up any wineries (we’ve done the Napa thing a few times when we lived up in NoCal), we stayed busy walking, eating, and tourist-ing. Here are a few highlights.

We loved watching the fishing boats float back to the dock at sundown.

Everything in Santa Barbara was picture perfect, these trees are no exception.
We took so many pics at the Old Mission it was hard to pick just one, but this statue has to be my favorite. Established in 1786, this still-functioning church and home to Franciscan Friars is one of the busiest attractions in Santa Barbara.
We ate daily at the Sojourner Cafe, a city staple for over 30 years. They’re known for their desserts (namely cookies) so we tried 2 new flavors each visit. The molasses olive oil and pumpkin chocolate chip were my favs.
This was my breakfast on day 1, a tofu scramble over brown rice with an spicy citrus sauce. It was filled with flavors not typically found in daily dishes so it was a real treat. 

Frisco and Meatball loved their long walks through the city, Frisco looks so cute – all warm, snuggly, and ready for a nap.

You know how they say people start to look like their dogs after a while? I think Mike and I are doing that. We’re wearing the *same* shirt and I don’t mean that it looks like the other shirt, I mean that I saw it in the men’s section and loved it so much that I sold Mike on getting one then I grabbed one too. We’re also wearing Ray Bans. We thought nothing of it until I was downloading the pics and thought, ‘wow, how creepy,’ just 2 A-Holes checking out the Mission.

I hit up Sephora in SB and found a few things I can’t wait to show you next time, I know that an L.A trip to Friends is still needed so I can get the really hard to find professional stuff like Visiora and Stilazzi brushes. That’s where the real fun begins.


  1. Hey there, I’m Matt the head of business development for Frends and Stilazzi. I just came across this post, thanks for the shout out. Email me before you come in next time! =)

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