Sunscreen Plus… SPF’s With a Kick

I’m going to assume that you’re wearing some sort of sun protection daily, no matter what. We all know that even the smallest doses of daily sun can bring on spotting, wrinkling, and a loss of firmness.

If you’re looking for more than just a sunscreen, here are a few skin protectors that offer more than SPF alone.

Sunscreen Plus… A Sheer Skin Perfecter:

Sheer Tint Release is Esteé Lauder’s latest addition to their best-selling DayWear collection, it has all the benefits of the original moisturizer (antioxidants, SPF 15, quick absorption) but with an added skin-perfecting tint that blends perfectly into most skin tones. It’s a subtle hint of color that gives skin an even, more polished look that’s totally undetectable.

Sunscreen Plus… Age Prevention:

Of course the best age prevention for your skin is the sunscreen itself, but Daily Defense SPF 30 from Priori’s Advanced AHA line offers a blend of Lactic Acid to increase moisture and encourage skin cell renewal.

Sunscreen Plus… Primer:

Even the most sensitive skin can rock Coola’s FACE Mineral Sunblock as a tinted primer because it’s a gentle chemical-free SPF 20. Just because it’s mineral based (Titanium and Zinc), don’t expect the old school chalky finish, this light lotion gives a gorgeous glow you’d expect from a serious makeup line.

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