Perfect Gifts, Yummy Scents, Chic Packaging; The New Crabtree & Evelyn Has Arrived

Crabtree & Evelyn has new lines, new scents, and a feminine-chic aesthetic that looks as decadent as it feels on the skin. I’m still carefully using their now retired Skin Polishing Ritual, a unique scrub that could easily pass for a $200 body treatment in a high-end spa, it’s magic. I was really excited to see their new, spirited, eye-catching lines with a youthful spin on some classic scents.

I’ve been keeping their Citron Honey & Coriander Body Scrub right next to my kitchen hand soap. It’s where I wash my hands the most so after cooking a meal they look about 10 years older than they should. Hand exfoliation is key in keeping them youthful looking, and this pretty reminder keeps my mitts ultra soft and smelling like heaven with a carefully crafted just-right citron scent isn’t too sweet or lemony.

I’m a lover of rose, but particular about the scent itself. I like it to be authentic and light without a manufactured fake smell that’s all too common. I’ve been placing a few drops of their Rosewater Home Fragrance Oil into a warmer then I open up a few windows, and let a nice breeze in. It’s an airy, delicate scent that can freshen up the house with only a few drops.

I’m saving the best for last you know. This Lily Eu De Toilette is absolutely incredible. I’m not even a big fan of lily in general, but this body spray is exactly what I was looking for at Jo Malone a few weeks back, but never found. It’s a light floral that’s easy to wear solo or layer with the fragrances I have. It also has a wear time that rivals my pure perfumes so the scent is fresh all day long.

Crabtree & Evelyn

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