The Legendary 88 Palette

Leave it to an 18 year old to school me on makeup. I could give lectures on just about everything you see at Sephora but when it comes to the well kept secrets lurking online, I’m clueless. My girl Jacqueline is a young makeup diva who knows well the ins and outs of cheap makeup that’s fun and stays put, so I asked her about the legendary 88 palette I’ve come across a few times. If you Google it you’ll see that many companies carry it and offer it up and varying prices. THIS one is being offered on Amazon for $22, BH Cosmetics sells these 88′s for around $16, but Costal Scents is where I bought this original 88 palette for $19. She told me to get it there in spite of the awful site which looks like the first website ever constructed. She assured me it was fine so I went for it and Costal Scents delivered my palette in 3 days, no problems. I’d order from them again.

I didn’t expect much from the palette honestly, I thought I’d use the brighter shades for an occasional pop of color but not much more. I used them on myself first on their own with no other powder shadows and always using a primer first (of course). Their color payoff is rich, laydown easy, and blending seamless. They aren’t chalky or heavy looking because you don’t need to use a lot to get the look you want. The color stayed strong all day without fading or creasing – I’m impressed. I trusted them enough to use them for 2 photo shoots this past week and found that they didn’t budge after many hours of hot lighting. They’re that good.

If you want some new, fun colors on the cheap, or if you’re a Makeup Artist who needs some variety without breaking the bank, this palette is your new BFF.

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  1. Hell Notes for Beauty™ says:

    This is so long overdue for me. I need to get me one finally!

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