A Perfume Organic

I’m obsessed lately with blissmo, it’s a group buy site that emails you a daily deal (a’la Groupon, Living Social etc.) but with an eco-friendly vibe. (You can sign up to have the daily savers sent to you HERE.) Anyway, they had one a while back before I was signed up that I missed, but I’m still dying to try it. It’s from a company called A Perfume Organic founded by NYC-based Amanda Walker whose background in big cosmetics combined with a love for perfume and healthy lifestyle led her on a journey to formulate scents made with USDA certified botanicals made right here in the U.S.A.

Her scents are always free of acetone (yes, it’s in perfumes), pesticides, and other chemicals, but perhaps the best thing is that the perfumes are feminine and fresh – not at all the musky patchouli you might expect. Green is the name of their signature scent which is described as a juicy herbal, I’m excited to try that along with Urban Organic – a bourbon and basil laced citrus. Sounds yummy right?

They have free shipping, so I’m picking up this $22 sample kit so I can try all 5 scents.

***UPDATE*** See what I thought of my samples HERE

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