Ellis Faas Skin Veil Pen; A Truly Fantastic Foundation

Finding a new foundation you love can be as challenging as finding a new pair of jeans. At least it is for me. My skin changes from combination to dry to a total broken out mess depending on what I’m testing out that particular week. I often change my entire regimen every few days so I never know what skin issues I’ll wake up with. I need a foundation that covers well and responds to whatever state my skin happens to be in that day, bonus points for something easy to apply and take along for touch-ups. Three cheers for my new favorite go-to foundation that does it all; Ellis Faas Skin Veil Pen.

First, let’s admire its futuristic look – cool right?

Loading the pen for its first use is easy, just pop the top off the foundation container and slide it up.

Give it a few pumps and voilá – a small amount of foundation appears. It’s slow to ooze out and the formula is on the thicker side so it doesn’t run into the cap. Nothing wasted.

I wanted to show the fantastic coverage and beautiful finish of Skin Veil, a task made easier given the current state of my splotchy skin – a perfect time to try out a new foundation actually.

I pumped the foundation into the brush and swept a little over my whole face (shade S102), patting it in with my trusty Beauty Blender. I could see a huge improvement in my skin right away because it did an excellent job of covering my red splotches and evening out my skin tone. It’s a wonderfully instinctive foundation that finds a way to just morph into better looking skin. It’s undetectable and has some pretty amazing staying power. It kept its coverage all day without fading or separating and even gave my blush something to grab on to so it didn’t fade out either.

Why so serious? Click to enlarge.

I have to say that Skin Veil is one of my top 5 foundations of all time just because of the coverage without weight factor and its long wear time. The price ($65) is in line with a Dior or Armani foundation but it blows away those two and most of its other high-end competitors – well worth checking out.

Available at Bergdorf Goodman, Space NK, and EllisFaas.com

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