Dior Spring Nail Collection; Rock Your Nails

If you rock dark hued polish year round like I do, you’ll be happy to see that Dior’s spring nail collection doesn’t in any way resemble an Easter basket. Check out their freshly released shades for spring.

Dior Vernis Gris Montaigne from their ‘Gris City’ collection
Dior Vernis Blue Label from their ‘Rock Your Nails’ Collection
Dior Vernis Purple Mix from their ‘Rock Your Nails’ Collection

I also have Bond Street (similar to Blue Label) and NY 57th (steely graphite) from the ‘Gris City’ collection, both of which I love.

One application note; Dior polish in general is a bit thicker in its consistency which gives it a richer, more opaque coverage but can make a D.I.Y mani/pedi a bit more challenging especially if polishing isn’t your thing. On the plus side is their wider, slightly pointed brush that covers most of the nail in one swipe and allows you to get close to the nail’s edge easily without a lot of mess.

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