Dr. Harold Lancer, 20 Years Younger, and Oprah

Dr. Harold Lancer is celebrating tonight. He’s the dermatologist to the stars who also happens to be Oprah’s go-to guy to keep her skin looking pristine (seriously, her skin is perfect.) He teamed up with Bob Greene on a program called 20 Years Younger, a 2 month life-changing kickstart for 20 lucky women who wanted to get their health back on track. Dr. Lancer turned back the clock on the women’s skin returning it to a much younger state using treatments like microdermabrasion, lasers, Botox, and of course his skincare line. The ladies looked a lot better, and Lady O raved about how radiant her skin looked since using Dr. Lancer’s regimen so she vouched for his line’s efficacy. Well, that was enough for me to pause my TiVo and obsess over which of his products I can’t live without for the past hour and a half.

His home site is under construction so HERE is where you’ll find his offerings on the 20 Years Younger site. I can’t figure out what would work best for my skin type since it isn’t laid out or explained in an organized way so I’m a little hesitant to pull the trigger.

If there is one product that looks to be universal, it’s Nourish, a day and nighttime treatment that’s supposed to restore the overall look of the skin and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


It’s also at Nordstrom so seeing a counter rep about what my skin needs might be a safer bet. Nordys opens at 10 right??

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