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Remember those samples I ordered a few weeks ago from A Perfume Organic? I wanted to share what exactly $22 in perfume looks like.

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Very beautiful yes, but half-filled tiny vials that arrived several days later than they should have. Incorporating oils together is a tricky process (another reason why I’ll never be whipping up fragrance in my kitchen), and the blending process is as important as the notes themselves. These scents smell unblended and perhaps unfinished. You should also be aware also that these are pure oils and not a traditional perfume so expect a roller-ball applicator because spraying oil would lead to stains on clothing. Keep it on the skin only.

My take on each scent:

Green: I was so excited to use Green that I imagined it to be my next signature scent. It smells almost exclusively like Ylang Ylang with a slight sweetness behind it but I couldn’t pick up any notes of rose.

White Magik: Spearmint is listed as an ingredient but it should be listed as the only one. I was told that I smelled like chewing gum.

Perfumed Wine Rosé- This scent was a perfect blend of clove and campfire, really spiced and smokey.

Mejika- This one wasn’t too bad, it reminded me of a true chai tea, the bagged kind and not the syrup from Starbucks. I was hoping to smell more vanilla but the spicy smell might be covering it up.

Urban Organic- If there wasn’t a smokey element in this one, it would be pretty good, but whatever ‘Smoky Vetiver’ is needs to exit stage right. It’s a citrus blend that could be easily layered, but the smokey element crushes any light feel.

I still haven’t given up the dream for a more natural fragrance, but unfortunately this just isn’t a fit for me. If you like heavier scented perfumes that are certified USDA organic, check them out HERE. You might have better luck than I did.


  1. This review is spot on. I read it before I purchased the samples for $22 and I wished I would have listened to you! I was thinking, what can it hurt.. there has to be ONE I like.

    I was wrong. The scents just aren’t for me, and like I said this review is spot on on what they smell like. In the end most of them seemed like something I’d want to eat, not smell like – such as the spearmint.

  2. Thank you! This review was very helpful and stopped me from another dissapointing deadend in the “Signature Scent” search.

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