Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant

I never would’ve guessed that there would come a day when I would spend $18 on deodorant, but I did. The Healthy Deodorant a natural formula that integrates Lavanila’s signature scents. Essentially, my pits smell like fresh baked vanilla cupcakes, better than the alternative I suppose and a sweet departure from whatever ‘April Fresh’ is.

Understand right off the bat that natural formulas are deodorants only, not antiperspirants. You may sweat at first until your pores become used to being un-clogged though I’ve heard from people that they didn’t sweat at all when jumping into this formula.

I probably have as many deodorant sticks lingering in my bathroom as I do mascaras, I’m always looking for a great one and I think this one is worth checking out. Yes, $18 is steep for a deodorant (also keep in mind Sephora’s forgiving return policy), but if it works it’s worth it. I can guarantee you don’t smell like cake at yoga, but I do. That alone is enough for me.

Lavanilla The Healthy Deodorant

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