What’s New From Smashbox? Full Exposure Mascara, Limitless Lip Stain, Softbox Palette

I realized in the car the other day that I was literally wearing 7 coats of mascara. No, I don’t rock a Tammy Faye lash, but I do lay down a lengthening formula (a few times) before a volumizing one (a few more times) which I’ve found gives me super long, separated lashes. Do I like the look? Yes. The process? Not at all. Full Exposure Mascara was literally formulated for gals like me who are getting their layer on and using two different types of mascara for a long, defined look we all crave. I can honestly say that Full Exposure gives a fullness in one coat that usually takes me 4 or 5. I’m typically a drugstore mascara girl, but this is one I’ll actually buy.

I didn’t really have a go-to lip stain for my brides who wanted a stay in place solution that wasn’t heavy or thick. Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm was invented for the girl who wants color without goopy weight. It’s a kissable, drinkable, totally bas-ass lip stain with a tinted balm that you smooth on top of lips to keep them fresh and shiny. It’s now what I recommend to all of my brides and women on the go who don’t like to re-apply color.

Softbox Shadow Palette is one of my favorite palettes in a long time. It’s a perfect mix of liners and shadows in sexy grays and bronzy coppers with a few neutrals tossed in, it truly is an all-you-need grab and go for countless looks. Also included is a brush you’ll use for years, and one of my favorite eye primers around.

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