Multi-Purpose Organic Scents from Intelligent Nutrients

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Intelligent Nutrients, Horst Rechelbacher’s second coming after pioneering the world of natural beauty with Aveda. I think we’ll probably look back at IN the same way as we do Aveda knowing that this line was on the forefront of a new revolution: Personal care made from food-grade oils to nourish the body inside and out. Don’t expect products that serve a singular purpose, everything from IN is meant to give multiple benefits like these two body elixirs that hydrate, soothe, and liven the skin with naturally-derived scents.

If you like Jasmine, their Jasmine Total Body Elixir is the absolute purest jasmine scent you’ll experience second only to the flower itself. Because the oil is so rich and dense in hydrating oils, you’ll want to use only a pump or two either solo or mixed with your favorite unscented organic oil to get a sexy, unforgettable scent.

Certified Organic Multi-Functional Aromas are a clever blend of fruit, flower, and plant oils that light up the skin with bright organic fragrance while hydrating and protecting it as well. It’s a beautifully scented body treatment that’s unlike anything you’ve ever used, and the perfect replacement to your synthetic perfume spray.

Intelligent Nutrients

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