My Purple Computer

Because I stare at it all day long, I often times forget to talk about my beloved purple computer. She’s magic. She’s allowed me to work from home and build successful ventures all while sporting comfy clothes and no makeup (ironic I know).

When it was time for a new computer, I did a ton of research and found ColorWare, a company whose specialty is a high-gloss, scratch-resistent color change process in electronics. It’s intense, but they do it well and it will last you the life of your computer.

First, order samples to see the finish and the exact colors. They’re $5 a pop and worth a look, I thought Prowler was a home run until I saw Lilac.

Colors: Blush, Mystique, Prowler, Lilac

I went with Lilac and had them also color the apple on the lid Graphite.

I should carry their cards with me when I travel, people always stop me in airports and ask how I colored my computer. If the $550 price tag is too steep, you can pay much less to color a phone, video game console, or even an IPhone dock.

Check em out HERE


  1. carissa says:

    I wish.

  2. Is $550 a typo?

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