Vapour Organic Beauty and Their Total Rip-Off Samples

Picture it, Mike and I are pulling away from the house the other night when we intercept the mail, it was the usual stack of letters mixed in with my sample package from Vapour I’d been so excited to try. I had Mike open it right away while I drove because I couldn’t wait to check it out. When I saw what I paid $20 for, I got really quiet and started writing this post in my head. I was steamed. How could Vapour possibly charge $15 ($5 for shipping, we’ll get to that) for these dinky samples when a company like Alima Pure has such a kick-ass sampling program? ($1.50 for a cup of minerals that lasts over a month btw). If you’re not truly committed to people trying out your line via samples, why even bother?

You can see that two of the samples were barely usable specks, smaller than a finger nail and sitting in packaging it doesn’t come close to filling and bouncing around a box that can house about 20 of these orders (I hate waste like this and would expect more efficiency from an organic-based company). With my tiny samples all stacked up along the corner of the box you can see how completely wasteful it is to ship it this way (it could easily fit inside a small padded envelope), but then they of course wouldn’t be able to stick you with the $5 ‘shipping fee.’

Click to enlarge, wish I could do the same with the actual samples..

I’ll still give the products a shot, I’m hoping there’s enough of it to use it for a few days and really get a feel for how they perform. Stay tuned for a review and sample at your own risk.


  1. thank you for this post! i was thinking about ordering samples from them but i can’t believe the size of them! that is truly ridiculous and makes me angry just thinking about it! along with the wasteful packaging. what a disappointment. oh well… thanks for saving me $20, and i’m sorry they got yours!

  2. Thanks for this. I’m really worried right now as I want to try the liquid foundation of them, but I don’t know with worth to pay almost 30 dollars (I live at Brazil) to try this. Same thing happened with Real Purity samples, that I paid a total of almost 50 dollars for this poorly filled samples.

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