Review: Peacekeeper Nail Polish

I had to walk past the Peacekeeper polish display at Sprouts about 100 times before I actually bought something. I’m pretty picky about my polish because I usually opt for a home pedicure (I rarely bother polishing my fingers) and I go for fun colors that stay put so I can get at least 2 weeks wear. I recently bought their Nail Polish Remover ($10), Bottom & Top Coat ($8), and a Nail Paint in Paint Me Stunning ($8) with little expectations on how well the polish would perform. I knew I’d like the remover (I’m not a fan of traditional removers because of the horrible scent and nasty ingredients and theirs is a synthetic and vegan formula so it smells less severe and works great. Don’t get me wrong, it still has something in there to remove paint so it’s not exactly edible – but I feel better having this on my hands versus a Cutex or whatever.

As for the polish, I’m going on 2 1/2 weeks and my pedi is still in tip top, shiny and new as the first day and without a chip. With only 7 shades offered, my biggest gripe is the lack of color selection but the ones they do have are great basics that will give you a good alternative to what you already own.



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