The Best Organic Lines You’re Probably Not Using (but should..)

I like to think of these 5 lines as the 30 Rock of the organic skincare world; favorably reviewed and loved by Beauty Editors but maybe not a household name… yet. They’re a little under the radar (some by choice), crafted in small batches and made with nature and totally effective. Trust me, you’ll see a difference when you feed your skin plants, flowers, and food-based ingredients just like the difference you see when you’re feeding your body nutritious food.




At A Glance: A low-key line that caught fire recently from high praise via Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter.

Practices: EcoCert

My Favorites: Tinting Fluid, Flower Dust Shimmering Lotion, Regenerating Night Cream

What Makes it Great: Their natural actives are harvested from plants and flowers native to Latvia and known for their mighty resilience to stay strong during the region’s short summer season.

Everything from the line is elegant and effective. Their 99.9% naturally formulated Tinting Fluid is one of the prettiest I’ve seen on the skin and it gives the kind of effortless glow to the face that we’re all chasing. The same goes for their Flower Dust Shimmering Body Lotion, it gives the appearance of naturally radiant skin without overt shimmer. Check out the Deep Replenishing Cream for a fantastic moisturizer packed with plants and flowers to even out moisture levels and feed the skin true nourishment.




One Love Organics

At A Glance: Girly-meets-organic; fun packaging and 4 essentials you don’t know how you ever lived without.

Practices: Small-batch, simple organic and natural-origin ingredients.

My Favorites: Skin Savior Waterless Multi Balm, Brand New Day MicrodermaI Scrub & Masque

What Makes it Great: Cold-pressed plant oils, natural peptides, and an array of fruits and plants carefully extracted to be the most beneficial for the skin.

You might almost forget how pure this line is by the sweetly designed packaging, but One Love’s mission is to bring organic skincare to even the most discerning diva. I’ve been using Skin Savior for makeup removal, around my eyes at night, and on my lips. Because it’s waterless, you’ll get only natural hydration from organic coconut, soy seed oil, and 9 other ingredients that you’ll actually know how to pronounce. Brand New Day is unique dry powder made from Baking Soda, Rice Bran, and Whole Dry Milk that you mix with a little water to make a thick paste. Its mild exfoliation makes my skin so soft and the natural peptides help to brighten and even out the skin tone naturally.




HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury

At A Glance: Artisan-crafted scrubs, butters, creams, and serums that are among the richest I’ve tried.

Practices: USDA Certified Organic

My Favorites: Grits & Honey Scrub, Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer, Lemon Lime Shea Butter Cream.

What Makes it Great: Pure, organic moisture sources like shea butter and almond oil.

HollyBeth’s line is a dream for those who struggle with dry, tight skin. Her balmy Rose Geranium moisturizer melts into parched skin and infuses it with a hefty dose of moisture that leaves skin glowing. Lemon Lime is such a perfect scent for her ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter Cream, it’s light and airy and neutral enough so it doesn’t compete with your fragrance. Who would’ve thought that adding Grits & Honey together would yield such a fantastic exfoliant? It’s so thick that you need to work a little water over it to buff away any signs of dryness and hydrate at the same time.




Natural Being

At A Glance: A high-tech, low-cost natural line of skincare basics.

Practices: BDIH Certified Natural

My Favorites: Cleanser (oily skin), Manuka Toning Gel, Day Cream

What Makes it Great: New Zealand’s Manuka Honey, a powerful moisturizer, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and skin regenerator.

I would definitely buy their cleanser (for oily skin) again. First, it’s $10, but it’s also a really light gel that’s just foamy enough to pad the bristles of my Clarisonic and give my skin a good cleansing. I’ve been using Manuka Toning Gel in my kit as an alternative to a traditional primer for my oily skin clients because it sucks up oil and tightens pores -I can see the difference within a few minutes. If you want a natural, unfussy day moisturizer, check out theirs. For $15 you’ll get complete hydration with all of the Manuka Honey benefits.




Made From Earth

At A Glance: Straightforward serums, cleansers, moisturizers, and treatments.

Practices: USDA Organic

My Favorites: Green Tea Toxin Cleanser, Pure Aloe Vera Skin Treatment

What Makes it Great: Organic aloe and fruit infused skin treatments.

Using a clay masque is the furthest thing from your mind when you have dry skin, so a better option would be their Aloe Vera Skin Treatment to drive organic aloe and green tea deep into your skin for lasting softness. I also like their Green Tea Toxin Cleanser because of its consistency, a thick cream that grabs onto dirt and makeup – so thick in fact that a thin layer can be used as a soothing treatment masque.


Try something new, support small companies, and treat your skin with kindness.


  1. Thanks for the info on organic lines. I was especially interested in the Madara line- can it be purchased on-line? Or only in the salon in NYC? The products you highlighted sound great!

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