Are Fillers the New Botox?

First there was Botox, a trend that caught fire so quickly that it trickled all the way down to a process as simple as a home house party (not at all recommended btw). Now it’s fillers. First used for the lips, doctors are now injecting Restylane and Juvederm into the cheeks, under the eyes, and just about any place they see women losing volume in their faces. It’s true, a plumper face is considered more youthful, but a too-plump face, thanks to overzealous injectors, can look downright deformed. Looks like that ‘overfilled’ look has replaced Botox’s ‘frozen’ face defining the new ‘overdone.’

I saw Brooke Burke on The Doctors recently and I was shocked at how much her appearance has changed.

From this:

To this:

Pretty dramatic difference right? Her eyes look pulled back and the tip of her nose looks different too, but it’s the puffy, swolen look that makes me think fillers played some role in the transformation.*

And how about Vicki Gunvalson? If you caught the reunion show for The Real Housewives of Orange County, you probably noticed something very different about Vicki’s face. It went;

From this:

To this:

She doesn’t look face-lifted to me, just really puffy and swollen. She could’ve had filler injected to make her cheek area more pronounced and to fill in those smile lines around her mouth.*

How about Suzanne Somers? A face doesn’t become more plump over time naturally, it does the opposite.*

As with any treatment, it’s all about the injector. I’ve had some really great Botox results along with some really crappy ones. Fillers can be an easy way to take years off the face, but you can’t search celebrity examples of that because you can’t spot good work. Demi More is a good example of this, you know she looks better than ever but can’t pin down exactly what she has done. I know several people who have had great filler work done. Find a physician (not a nurse or someone at a spa) on Restylane or Juvederm’s website and request a small amount for your first visit, after about a week or two you’ll see the results and you can always add more. Start slowly, fillers last about a year and once they’re in there’s no turning back.

* These are just my observations from comparing photos, I’m in no way saying that any one of these women had cosmetic surgery.


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