Sunburn Relief from Liz Earle Botanical Aftersun Gel

It’s true that sun and wind burned skin needs some extra TLC, but I’m not sure the thick green glop most brands label as ‘aloe’ serve as the best solution. Aloe isn’t actually bright green either, it’s yellowish so that beautiful green shade is actually dyes so looks as we think it should. Instead of pumping dyes into your skin, go for something that’s designed to soothe chapped, overexposed skin.

Of course I’m loving Liz Earle‘s Sun Shade Botanical Aftersun Gel, mostly because I love everything from Liz Earle. It’s still one of the best lines I’ve used to date. She uses organic aloe, to soothe and comfort the skin along with lavender, vitamin e, and glycerin to provide hydration and protection. It took the sting and redness out of my hubby’s bad burn a few weeks ago – but he only agreed to using it because it wasn’t sticky or greasy and didn’t have an scent to it.

If you’ve also been a little lazy in your SPF application, check out this gel and next time don’t forget the sunscreen.

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