bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

My friends who work at bareMinerals swear that their Pure Transformation Night Treatment does it all. Literally, another employee there used it on some weird rash on her arm and it apparently cleared that up in days. Not that it’s meant for rashes, but a special ActiveSoil complex combined with minerals work to turn over skin cell production quickly the way an AHA, Glycolic, or Retinol would but without the use of chemicals so it’s meant to address skin clarity in general. In the past few months since I started using it, I’ve noticed that it also shrinks pores and gives my skin a healthy glow making it a good primer under my mineral makeup during the day too. It’s so simple to use and at night it’s meant to be the last step in your routine, even over moisturizer.

It’s mineral and soil based that looks like a tinted powder.

Give it a little shake when the lid is closed to transfer the powder to the brush, then dab the powder into each section of the face and go back with a clean brush and buff it all in. I’ll do this a few times, I like to use a lot.

Though it doesn’t matter since you’re technically supposed to wear it over night, it comes in different shades. I have it in light which blends in fine, but you will see some luminosity on the skin, it’s not meant to blend in like a makeup would. On top of smaller pores, I’ve also noticed that my skin just looks really fresh in the morning when I wear it overnight. It’s one of those products that works great with what you’re using already, and just makes your skin look great. Verdict; I’m not in love with the $60, but I’d buy it again.

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