Watch Lernert & Sander’s 1 Year of Makeup Video

You must check out this video by dutch artists Lernert & Sander who applied a year’s worth of makeup to one model’s face over a 9 hour period. That’s 365 coats of makeup which breaks down to:

7 bottles of foundation (all makeup is by Ellis Faas)

2 bottles of Creamy Eyes E107

3 Milky Lips L205 pens

2 bottles of Blush S301

All together 7.7oz of makeup, just shy of a half pound!

Here’s a shot of the model mid-way through the day getting a little help to remove makeup out of her mouth since she couldn’t move for the entire 9 hours (how’d she pee??) and could only drink liquid through a straw!

Again, you can see the video HERE

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