I Love My Beauty Blender

Words can’t express how much I love my Beauty Blender. I bought one at Makeup Mania last year and soon returned to buy another, it’s one of a few select products that are fantastic enough end up in my professional kit as well as my personal one. I’ve come to believe it’s 80% of a foundation application. Honestly. I can take a mediocre foundation and make it look flawless using the Beauty Blender.

You first dampen this latex-free egg shaped sponge with water before using it to press in liquid foundation all over the face (use the tip in hard to reach areas like around the nose and mouth.) It magically presses the foundation perfectly into the skin without wiping it away giving you complete coverage and a professional looking application. I should start selling them because every client I use it on is sold and wants to buy it on the spot.

If you’re wearing foundation every day (or even most days), it’s worth it to pick one up. Wash it often and it will last many years – the one in my kit is used and washed a ton and still looks brand new.

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