Sidney’s Pigeon Jumps

My mother-in-law travels often, and when she does we get to watch her Jack Russell, Sidney. I affectionately refer to her as a ‘love pig’ because she’ll drop to the floor and expose her belly for a rub any time she senses you might be the least bit interested in a love session. Belly rubs have taken a back seat lately to her new love: Pigeon Juping.

A family of pigeons created a nest in the area under our deck and over the dry cover in early spring so the dogs can look between the slats of Trex and see the nest, babies, and all the pigeon action anytime they want. It’s heaven for the JRT’s (Meatball, our Lahsa mix is pigeon neutral) who go outside and gaze down at the pigeon family. Sometimes they’ll bark, sometimes they’ll lick the deck, but every single time you can count on Sidney to do her now famous ‘Pigeon Jumps.’

Dogs; left to right Meatball (pigeon neutral), Sidney (pigeon jumper), and Frisco (pigeon barker)

Mike captured her Pigeon Jump perfectly. She’ll first sniff around to get their exact location, then she’ll do these little jumps over the nest until we force her to go inside.

She’s got these perfectly focused mini jumps that she’ll do over and over. I think she dreams of pigeon jumping. She’ll even sit by the door and beg to be let out to visit her new feathered family.

Sidney and the pigeons are all resting up for her next visit.

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