How to Do a Marble Manicure (tips and tutorial video)

Although it’s totally not my style (the tutorial is done on acrylic nails for God’s sake), I had to at least try to do a marble nail mani and I’m sure you will too after you see the tutorial. Now the video isn’t by me because mine looked like shit (I should’ve taken pics of my failed attempts but my fingers were covered in tape), so I’ll leave it up to the manicurist in the video who has wrangled up over 2.6 million views for her deceptively easy looking and really cool tutorial.

Before you bust the tape, a few tips that I learned the hard way:

- Room temp water is vital.

- Use polish with a thin texture, thick ones won’t spread out in the water the way hers do which makes a goopy mess.

- Close the windows and turn off any fans or else the polish will dry quickly in the water before you have a chance to dip.

I used thick polish and freezing cold water outside where it was breezy, so you can see that I was fighting a losing battle. I wish you better luck.


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