Insteading With Sally Hansen Natural Beauty

Sometimes the best makeup is found in the most unlikely places. Sally Hansen Natural Beauty struck up a partnership with Makeup Artist Carmindy which resulted in the line’s best creations to date, a few basics even trump their (much) more expensive counterparts.

Instead of Dior AirFlash $62 – try Airbrush Spray Makeup $14:

If you spray the foundation directly onto a sponge (preferably a Beauty Blender) and dab it into the skin, you’ll get the same look and finish as Dior’s AirFlash… and save $48. Just remember that it’s not meant to be sprayed directly on the face, the spray is just a delivery system so you’ll use less of the densely pigmented makeup and get a natural finish with superb coverage.

Instead of Stila Kajal Eye Liner $18 – try Forever Stay Eye Pencil $8

This has to be one of my favorite eyeliners I’ve ever used. It glides on like Kajal from Stila, but it has the lasting power of the gel liners in a pot – even swimming won’t cause a smudge. For these reasons, I’m bummed to see that it’s nowhere to be found on their site, but it looks like it’s still available (for now?) on I’ll be picking up a few more before they’re gone.

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