Kim Kardashian Loves Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

I saw this photo recently of Kim Kardashian on showing how well Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs works to cover her red patches caused by psoriasis. 3 years ago I blogged about this coverage in a can, and it has been in my kit ever since. For the body, it’s a step above using a regular bronzing lotion because it’s water resistant and super opaque so it disguises veins, razor burn and uneven skin without transferring onto clothing – even when you sweat.

Credit: Jeffrey Ufberg/; via


  1. Ohhhh I’m intrigued by this product….does anyone know if you can get it in Canada?

  2. Not sure of her shade, but the colors do run a bit deeper so keep that in mind. Most women I see can use the medium, which will give them a nice tanned look. There is a deep shade as well I believe and a subtle shimmer which I have not used.

  3. I want to order it but my only problem is that I don’t live in the state and so not sure of the right shade for my skin. I’m definately darker than Kim K.. What shade does she use?

  4. I love this product, it gives me so much confidence and is so reasonably priced for such an amazing product! x

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