XOJane.com, Cat Marnell, and Joe Jonas

It was the news of Courteney Cox joining XOJane.com that first brought me to the site, but it’s Cat Marnell that keeps me going back for more. The easily offended need not apply, but if you can appreciate talk of – let’s say – her watching one of her friends smoke pot in a club with Joe Jonas, then you’ll love every second of her smart, crazy stories that draw you in and make you wish you knew her. Click HERE for the whole crazy account accompanied by her best bets for ‘stoner beauty’ i.e. cosmetics that contain cannabis – a stretch but still a good tie in for her now infamous story.

Of course it’s not all as racy as Cat’s stuff, but the tone from the editors throughout is a modern one like how you talk with your girlfriends.  Click HERE and subscribe to my new fav site, XOJane

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