Own Breakout Control

Look out Proactiv, Own Natural Skincare is getting a lot of great buzz around their Breakout Control acne treatment that has the broken-out masses making a change a more natural side of skin healing. Own’s nature meets science approach uses stuff like Neem, Bitter Mellon, and Canadian Willow Bark and engineers them to be more available to the skin’s sensitive needs to banish breakouts while locking in hydration. It’s why you won’t experience that peeling and irritation that typically comes along with using skincare meant for troubled skin.

I’ve been really impressed by Own. It’s unlike any acne treatment I’ve tried – it gives that deep down cleansed feeling and clears up breakouts quickly but without any sort of harshness at all. It’s a winner for those who like to stay on the natural side of things, teens whose young skin can’t tolerate chemical-based skincare, and for pregnant women who are struggling with what to use for their broken out skin when traditional treatments are pretty much off limits.

Own Breakout Control

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