Easy Halloween Makeup Idea

When it comes to coordinating makeup for your Halloween costume this year, you have 3 choices; skip the dolling up of your face altogether (lame), break your ass looking through dozens of YouTube vids where 15 year olds paint elaborate designs on their faces – something you could never do yourself, or just get some stencils and call it a day.

Hint: choose option c.

Ultraflesh Flash Face Decorating Kit is meant exactly for this sort of thing – Halloween face and body makeup. The kit comes with 9 (reusable) stencils, metallic makeup sprays in gold, black, and pink, and 3 pens for detail work that also can double as eye liners post-festivities.

Beyond the fact that a stencil is a great, foolproof way to get some detailed design, I love the bold hued spray-on makeup which will show up bigger and last longer than a powder or cream.

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