Jane Iredale Roses & Lollipops Compact to Benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer

There are a lot of products out there this October claiming to support various breast cancer causes. I’m pretty cautious about Pinkwashing, the newly coined term for companies who schlep products to ‘support’ breast cancer when it’s something like junk food or chemical-heavy cosmetics – you know, the things that are directly linked to the disease itself. One company that I do like and trust is Jane Iredale and their Roses & Lollipops compact, a best selling lip color and gloss in a cute mirrored compact with a key chain. Iredale donates 100% of the sales profits (not the same as total sales, but still a fair amount) to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a charitable organization you can learn more about HERE that donates 84 cents on every dollar to their cause.

It’s a cute compact with a universal appeal, great for a gift.

2 wearable pink shades.

I’m a sucker for pink gloss.

You can check out a poignant piece on Pinkwashing HERE at Forbes.com. Support a great cause, but know where your money is going first.


  1. The lip palette looks really lovely – I love when beauty brands support good causes.


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