The iPhone App That Could Save Your Life

Melanoma is no joke. It’s a very serious, deadly form of cancer responsible for about 75% of all skin cancer related deaths. We’re told to get regular checks from a dermatologist especially if we have a spot that looks suspicious, but what if you don’t have insurance? Most people probably won’t spend a few hundred dollars when it might turn out to be nothing.

The SpotCheck app for iPhone eliminates the often high cost involved to discover if you have a mole that’s normal, or one that requires a doctor to take a second look. It’s easy, first you answer two questions about the spot, snap a photo of it, then pay $5 to send it in for one of their dermatologists to personally take a look at it. Within a day, they’ll notify you if it’s fine or atypical while also highlighting dermatologists in your area.

You can learn more about the app HERE. It’s a good solution if you’re wondering about a suspicious looking spot – it’s also free to download, you’re only charged per inquiry.

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