I’ll Be on Colorado’s Best on Channel 2 in Denver Tomorrow!

I brought 5 skin changing miracle workers to the set of Colorado’s Best today for my segment airing tomorrow about getting better skin for the holidays – you know, so your friends and family who see you once a year think your skin is always glowing and perfect. In the bunch you’ll find a yummy scented peel, a firming mask, a moisturizer that’s sort of iconic, vitamin c patches for the eyes, and an at-home peel system. It was a literal round up of what I had around that house that I know to work well and deliver on big promises.

If you’re in Denver tune in Thursday November 17th (tomorrow) at Noon for Colorado’s Best or you can watch the video after it airs HERE.

What I see: a glimpse of the studio from my point of view right before I go on.


  1. Congratulations, that’s so exciting! I don’t live in the area so I’ll be watching this once it airs on the website, I definitely need some tips <3

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