Kate Middleton & Manuka Doctor’s Bee Venom Face Mask

Not to be outdone by the bird poop facial the Beckhams love so much, the bee venom mask is the current queen of all treatments. Kylie Minogue, Kate Middleton, and Victoria Beckham are all said to be using this manuka, propolis, honey, royal jelly, and bee venom laced mask – so it’s pretty much the hot ticket. They even have a crazy tag line of ‘10,000 bee stings in a pot.’ Yikes.

Honey has healing and antiseptic properties so I can see its benefit, and the venom itself falls second to last on the ingredient list so I don’t think stinging, swelling, and pain will accompany your home spa experience.

You can check out the original story HERE and Manuka Doctor’s Bee Venom Mask HERE


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