Make Up for Ever Fluo Night Black Light Pigment

This skin of mine hasn’t been exposed to a black light in many moons, but if I were still hitting the clubs you can bet I’d have some Fluo Night Black Light Pigment on hand. It’s a transparent-by-day powder that when used alone or blended with other makeup becomes visible once under the glow of a black light. Its uses are pretty limitless since it can be sprinkled in hair, combined with a clear mascara for lashes, or dusted over stencils to create a specific pattern. You can also write something totally offensive on a friend’s face and laugh your ass off once you’re inside the club at their total lack of awareness to what’s going on. Ah, to be young again…

Make Up For Ever Fluo Black NIght Pigment $31 Sephora


  1. Bonnie Johnson says:

    Please tell me where I can purchase Fluo Night Pigment Black Light Reactive Makeup. I am designing costumes for a play in March, 2014 and would like a source for this makeup. I can’t seem to find a website that sells it.


  2. LOL I’ve been eyeing this off for ages, but not for nefarious purposes ;)

    ps: your spam filter asked me this: 7 – WHAT = 4? it doesn’t prove i’m not a spammer, just that I struggle at basic mathematics :P

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