Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

My hair itself doesn’t get nearly as dry as my scalp does in the winter which is why I rock a Coconut Oil treatment from time to time. I love me some Coconut Oil, it’s what I normally use post-shower instead of lotion because it absorbs fast and moisturizes like crazy. It’s fantastic on your hair too for a quick treatment to perk up your strands and get the dullness out. Here’s how..

- Warm a little coconut oil so it liquefies, I just zap it for about 10 seconds in a bowl in the microwave.

- Spritz your hair so it’s damp and run a comb through it so you’re able to really work the oil in.

- Drizzle the oil onto the hair and massage it into your scalp.

- Toss a towel into the dryer just long enough for it to heat up and wrap your hair.

The oil isn’t heavy so it shampoos right out without any lasting residue. It feels like an expensive salon treatment – you’ll be addicted and want to use coconut oil on everything all the time like I do. Any kind of coconut oil will do, but the one I use is shown below.


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