Lavanila The Healthy Baby Bundle

I love giving lotions and bath care at baby showers because moms are usually so inundated with clothes that it’s a welcome gift to open. Lavanila has a chic line of baby bath care that’s free of GMO’s, dyes, petrochemicals, parabens, and other nasty things you’d rather not be slathering on baby in (or yourself for that matter.) Their Healthy Baby Bundle $46 gift set contains their Lotion, Wash, and Healthy Baby Bottom – a vitamin enriched diaper rash cream that I hear also doubles nicely for use on skin irritations and severely chapped skin in kids and adults alike.

I’ve tried the lotion (on myself) and it’s thankfully without the annoying baby lotion scent that’s so often used in traditional formulas. It is creamy, but not overly so – just the right amount of hydration so my skin felt like it had a really nice, even coating of moisture on that wasn’t heavy or overpowering. Probably why it’s a cult fav among adults with overly sensitive skin who rash easily from other lotions and washes.

Check out their complete line HERE, an exclusive to Sephora.

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