Food Truck Heaven

Because Mike and I love nothing more than to dive into a fresh plate of food handed down from a mini restaurant on wheels, we were excited to see that the OC Fair and Events Center has a Food Truck Fare every Wednesday night! It drew a steady crowd, thankfully not too busy like some events we’ve been to where you wait in line 30 minutes to get your food – just the right amount of people to create a cozy atmosphere. There were all kinds of people there, young and old – even a group of women who brought their own wine and glasses and just sat and gabbed while they shared their munchies. Really laid back and friendly.

I had already looked at the menus online for every truck there and knew what we’d be ordering ahead of time which took all of the fun out of walking around and checking out menus for Mike. I didn’t care – I was on a mission.

We were most excited to eat at Seabirds, a vegan truck known for their yummy tacos and creative menu. We watched The Great Food Truck Race last season and cheered the girls on, they were really sweet and took time to chat with us. People loved them.

We ate pretty much everything on their menu: kale salad, potato leek soup, jackfruit asada tacos (which had a consistency that was just like shredded meat), and our MVP of the night – their signature beer battered avocado tacos. I wish I could show you our feast, but we were so excited that we ate it first, and thought of photos after.

The Lime Truck was there too.

And right next to them was the Border Grill! We’ve always wanted to eat there since we saw owners Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger compete at a live Iron Chef competition in Beaver Creek a few years back. They brought the food they made into the audience and shared it with everyone after they got beat by Ming Tsai – they were so fun to watch and their food looked great.

A glance at Border’s specials, another avocado taco- guess that’s all the rage now.

Again, we were too excited to snap a shot of the first round of food from Border which was an avocado taco (on the left) and a pablano quesadilla, so here’s the second round. For those keeping track of dishes we had, this would make 8. Before dessert. They rolled their avocados in what looked like help or chia seeds before frying them – totally different from anything I’d ever had and really yummy.

Other trucks included Short Stop,

and Home Skillet.

Monster Burger and Lobsta Truck were both busy making burgers, sliders, and lobster rolls.

Soho Taco had veggie-friendly options, but we were too full. There’s always next time.

I’m tired of cupcakes, I think the whole trend is dying down anyway – the Bakery Truck had only a few cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. Their big draw was cream puffs stuffed with different spreads, fruits, and of course Nutella. We were pretty full already, so we went for chocolate chip cookies and they were warm, gooey, and amazing.

Next week The Grilled Cheese Truck will be there which I’ve been wanting to eat after seeing them on a Food Network special last year, along with a whole new batch of trucks with menus I need to look over. I’ve got some serious work to do.

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