How to (Hopefully) Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

I’m at my 6 month mark in my pregnancy now, but stretch marks prevention has been something I’ve been at the whole time. As soon as my little belly started to grow I was slathering on various oils at the behest of friends who say to start early. Another good tip I got was to use a BeBand on top of the oils to lock in moisture like when you use a heavy foot cream with socks at night. We’ll see if I’ll manage to escape getting stretch marks until the very end, but for right now I’m stretch-mark free and also managing the intense itching that comes along with your skin expanding at the same time. Here are the natural solutions I’ve found to work for me so far.

I couldn’t resist picking up Goe Oil $32 when I saw it at a REI type store called Seed in Costa Mesa recently. It’s a big tube of balm that combines 20+ natural oils and butters minus parabens, PEGs, Mineral Oil, silicones, and synthetics. It’s a light balm that quickly dissolves into a rich, unscented oil that my skin just drinks up. I use it in the morning with a layer of coconut oil on top just for an added moisture boost and so I don’t have to use as much. I haven’t seen the line anywhere else before so I’ll grab another bottle before heading back home since I don’t see Colorado on their retailer listing.

Goe Oil

A balm at first.

Which turns into an oil.

At night I’ve been using my beloved Skin Savior $68 from One Love Organics that I first reviewed HERE, then highlighted it for turning your mineral makeup into a moisturizing skin treatment which it’s pretty fabulous for I must say. What makes this balm so different and effective are its cold pressed oils that make it super concentrated and good for so many things. Before bed I rub in a bit of Skin Savior with more coconut oil over top and then I wear my BeBand. When I wake up I can still feel some softness that doesn’t totally absorb – a great sign that I’m getting enough moisture.

I like getting the various oils and butters from the balm treatments on my skin first, then adding more Coconut Oil (which both contain anyway) on top so I get more use from the more expensive products. I also wanted the oils I’m using to be natural and healthy for my body since that’s what this whole process is all about.

No matter what you choose to use throughout your pregnancy, my biggest tip would be to stick with an oil or balm instead of a lotion or a bar for the best absorption and ease of use. I ordered this belly bar from Bubble & Bee a while back and didn’t like how the cold bar would drag across my skin never really warming up enough to offer any moisture. I’d also stay away from anything containing mineral oil (like this butter from Palmer’s for instance) which doesn’t absorb into the skin well and could clog pores.


  1. I started rubbing the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark Treatment on my belly towards the end of my first trimester to help relieve some itching due to my skin beginning to stretch. I didn’t expect it to ward off any stretch marks since I am very prone to them, I am covered in stretch mark scars from when I went through puberty, and everything I read says there is nothing you can do to prevent stretch marks if it’s in your genes to get them.

    Well, that is total BS because I have no stretch marks on my belly at all (I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant), but I have some on my hips and on my boobs which are only a little engorged. I can still fit into my prepregnancy bras although they are a little snug, so obviously the skin on my belly has stretched way more than my boobs and the only difference is the Dr Max Stretch Mark Treatment.

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