Eva Mendes Photoshop Fail

For the latest in a long line of Photoshop fails, check out Marie Claire’s March 2012 cover featuring Eva Mendes. She’s barely recognizable with such a different looking face that’s almost masculine. Heavy brows and awkward expression aside, there’s just something really different about her face that I can’t quite make out. It could be that her neck and arms are so whittled down to child-like porportions that her head looks huge. Her skin tone looks lighter too.

I don’t think the girl on the cover above looks anything like this girl, do you?

Maybe this is an artistic thing that I just don’t get, but what’s so awful about our real faces? Or bodies? Or skin tones? Why all the changes to morph us into one similar looking being, it’s creepy and it carries a really lame message that looking like a near perfect looking celeb isn’t even good enough.


  1. Ohhhhh that does not look good at all….I would be so angry with the creative directors if that was my pic on their magazine. She is so much more naturally beautiful than that!

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