How to Get the Softest Skin Ever

I think I’ve unlocked the secret to super soft skin. You know that freshly shaven out of the shower sort of feeling? It’s literally how my skin feels all the time now. First I started dry brushing (read everything you ever wanted to know about drybrushing HERE), but I used these body gloves (shown below from Body Shop $5) to sweep away flakey for about a week before switching to using them with a body wash in the shower every day.

I’ve been foaming up my gloves using my Aromafloria Kiwi Coconut Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter $20. it’s a moisture-infused SLS and paraben free wash – important because I don’t think I’d get the same result using a harsh bar soap like an Irish Spring or whatever. With a mild and super hydrating wash like this, I’m scrubbing my skin while infusing it with good stuff to help soften it at the same time.

What I’ve found from this consistent exfoliation is that the texture and feel of my skin has completely changed. It’s always soft – especially during the dead of winter here in dry Colorado. Try it! I promise if you’re consistent you will see a huge, amazing difference.

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