My New Favorite Concealer: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal

I can’t stop talking about my new favorite concealer: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal. I bought it a month or so ago at Sephora while I was searching for the perfect BB Cream (I ended up buying Boscia’s btw), and was talked into it from the girl helping me since I was out of my Secret Concaler that I’ve used for years. She was enthusiastic and I was hungry, no match for her insistence for me to buy (not just try) this concealer that she was clearly nutty over. Her enthusiasm was a little contageous and because she just had a training on the line, her info was textbook sharp.

“It’s the most amazing concealer and like nothing else you’ve ever tried I swear” she insisted, “I can give you a sample, but you’ll just have to come back to buy it so just buy it now. I promise you’ll love it.”

I’m pretty jaded about these things so I grabbed her business card so I could give her the big ‘whatever’ when I came back to exchange this tube for the Mercier I really wanted.

Damn her though. She was right.

So the thing is this; it’s not *just* a concealer, oh no – it’s a naturally-derrived silicone-based, full coverage concealer that works to hide everything from dark circles to blemishes without any sort of settling or creasing. It doesn’t have a slip to it so it stays on the skin and doesn’t move while the silicone fills in fine lines around the eyes making them look less obvious. I even use it on my lids as a shadow primer where it has been keeping my shadows perfectly in tact. So it replaced the concealer I was using for my face, another for the eyes, and a lid primer all in one easy (and better looking) step.

It’s also filled with vitamins and stuff to protect and heal the skin and anti-inflamitories for calming so it has great skin benefits too.

I literally use the tiniest dab of it for my face, eyes, and lids so this tube will last well over a year (maybe two?) making the $36 price tag reasonable. If that’s out of range for what you typically spend for a concealer, grab a sample first at Sephora to make sure you love it (you will!) before you invest.

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